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Please feel free to reach out directly to me regarding anything you may have a question on or if there is something I can help you achieve.

The best option is to start with Brad Westphal on LinkedIn.

If your interest is business in nature, perhaps our company, Westphal.Holdings can help.


Some words that resonate with me on the topic of photography are:
  • Canon, Hasselblad, Time-Lapse
  • Macro, Landscape, Medium Format
  • Long-exposure, Neutral Density
  • Stacking, Bracketing, Big-foot
I'd be happy to discuss any of these at any time - over an early morning coffee or a late night beer.

Let's chat.


You can find me in the great state of Minnesota, using and enjoying the lakes, water and all of the outdoor activities this state so easily offers.

I've traveled many places in the world, and consistently find that Minnesota is a good fit. Biased opinion, I'm sure of it.

Four seasons and a work ethic, you can count on it.